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Caped C.W.

Curtain-Walls - Caped C.W.

System performance testes did for Slide Type, With Die-Cast and Basic Type facade systems.
Curtain Wall  system without condense did'not tested.

50F Curtain Wall series has jx and jy values that provides maximum plan axis and floor heights exceeding the static value.

Due to the condense channel that the profile has ability to throw  condensation and rain water out of the system.
This means that the possibility of getting water inside is impossible. 50F Facade system has answer to all architectural and engineering demands with all details taking its place in the market.

50F Curtain Wall system nowadays is done by using too many different modern concepts and special architectural solutions and it is widely used facade system. 
With  possibility of providing wide vision fields, the system has internal and external aesthetic design features, also provides high performance with very bad weather conditions.


Curtain-Wall - Caped Curtain Wall

 • Outside of the building, Facade surfaces furnish different forms of structural caped curtain wall and varity of colors with architectural options.

• As structure for internal and external caped curtain wall systems provides expansion options.


The aluminium profiles have been extruded from the alloy AlMgSi 0.5 as F22 according to the EN 12020

Technical specifications

Wall thickness
1.6 - 2.5 mm
Efficient Drainage
Thermal Permeability
Uf=1,89-7,10 W/m2K
Glass thickness
sash: from 22 mm to 28 mm
Glass thickness
from 4 mm to 50 mm
Exterior Visible width 50 mm
Depth Mullion: 50 - 200 mm
Depth Transom: 32 - 182 mm
Mullion Max Inertia: Ix=1077; Iy=64cm4
Transom Max Inertia: Ix=559; Iy=50cm4
Air Permeability Classification
Classification EN 12152: A4 (+/-600Pa)
Resistance to Wind Load
Classification EN 13830: OK (+/-1800Pa)
Waterightness Classification
Classification EN 12154: RE 1050 (1050Pa)